About US


Motherhood could be an overwhelming journey for new moms. Therefore, we want to make them feel special by providing stylish, modern, and comfortable nursing wear so both mother and baby can feel at ease while in public.

The idea of creating modern nursing and maternity wear emerged in 2013 when one of the owners fell pregnant and thinking that finding comfortable yet stylish maternity wear in Indonesian market is not easy. For the reason, they decided to create exclusive maternity wear brand which not only has a modern design but also can be worn since they are pregnant until nursing the babies. After all the sweat, in 10th February 2014 the first collection of NyoNya Nursing Wear (NNW) was launched. The market then gladly welcomed our first collection with two hundred and fifty pieces of clothes sold in the first month by selling it via Instagram only. Six month later, NNW revenue raised up to 2100%. We always wants mothers to feel confident in their look without ignoring their baby’s need and having privacy issues. Three things that we offer; COMFORT, PRIVACY and STYLE.

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